Agricultural Informatics in Vocational Education

Agriteach 4.0

The rapid evolution of technology has unquestionably led to advances that have significantly changed significant many practices in our lives today.  The changes introduced by 20th century technology to everyday life are irreversible with their transformations in communication, education, business life, work, the purchase of goods, entertainment, or in data storage - and of course in agriculture.

The rapidly changing economic and social environment requires a correspondingly constant adaptation from the actors of the economy.  This includes vocational education, who prepare many of the workforce for the changing labour markets including agriculture.

This brings a new challenge to the education system, and problems for the future, as agriculture not only requires agrarian engineers and IT professionals, but also the intersection of the two.
The situation for VET schools, as providers of that education, is made more difficult by the fact that many of these tools are expensive, and without tools it is difficult to solve the practical training problems facing students.
Today, employers require workers-to-be to have the key competences that are necessary for employment, i.e.  workers with a wide range of practical skills and experience, as well as theoretical knowledge.  Economic changes are happening very quickly, so students need to be prepared to be able to adjust to new areas, roles and even new jobs at any time.  In response to this, lifelong learning is an essential for tomorrow’s workforce.
The Agriteach 4.0 project is intended to help you with exactly this. 
The e-learning training materials are produced in the open source Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) framework. learning materials are available in 3 languages ​​(HU, MK, EN) on this interface.

    Module 1: Teaching in the 21th century
    Module 2: European Strategies and Initiatives for E-Agriculture
    Module 3: Digital Systems within Agriculture 4.0

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