Project Management Portal for EU Projects

We recommend our project management portal primarily to facilitate the coordination of EU projects, including strategic partnership projects. 

Basic functions of the portal:

  • Project management tool (evaluation of project partial results and processes, monitoring of dissemination activities, publication of results, events),
  • Forum (where you can set up email notification automatically or manually when a new post or topic is created),
  • Repository of documents (where you can upload documents related to the project and make them available to certain users or groups according to their level of authorization),
  • Authorization system (you can set which authority level can access which functions),
  • Content management in several languages (like on a website, we can publish content here as well after we’ve edited it).

The basic price of the portal: 1 300 000 HUF

To present the results of domestic and international projects and to manage project work, we recommend our dynamic project portal solution, which we have developed and used for several years and can be completely customized.

Everything can be managed and accessed easily at one place by using the portal:

  • publishing information and news about the project (dissemination) in different languages,
  • monitoring and control of project tasks,
  • collaborating with the staff, partners involved in the project,
  • storage of documents.

Projects that have already been using the portal

Check out some live examples!

Graphic appearance tailored to have a unique image

The “marketing interface” open to visitors is created with a (responsive) graphic solution that can also be enjoyed on mobile devices.

For the basic price, you can choose from the customizable templates we offer, into which the operators of the site can upload their own images and texts. In addition, we can even create a design according to completely individual needs.

Front oldal - minta_2
A sample of an opening page

Marketing functions

Display news, events, results, image gallery, slideshow, language selector, newsletter, longer content in e-book format, expandable database to present results.

Front oldal - Hírek
A modul for communicating current project information


Front oldal - e-könyv
     Interactive e-book, glossary to present the results

Management functions

A repository of documents accessed with an authority level, structured forum supporting online collaboration, project calendar, questionnaire editor, online survey, data analysis 

Admin felület - fórum
Menu for internal staff 
Admin felület - fórum
Admin felület - felmérés eredményének elemzése
Automatic analysis of survey results

Easy to edit content

Like in any text editors, it is easy to edit on the portal using the toolbar

Admin felület - tartalomszerkesztés
Content editing

Modular structure

The development is made cost-effective by the modular design. Both the marketing and the management interface can be built in a tiled way from the ready-made modules selected by the customer. In addition to the ready-made modules, we also undertake the development of any module suitable for the function defined by the customer.