About iTStudy

The legal predecessor of iTStudy, Prompt Ltd., was founded by university lecturers in 1989 in Gödöllő for the purpose of software and hardware development and computer education. The company's education department, the Prompt Training Center, became independent under the name iTStudy Hungary in 2008, and as a licensed institution with a focus on education and training, it continued working within the framework of adult education, supplementing it with significant education development and research activities.

ITStudy takes an active role in the continuous improvement of the quality of education, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by 21st century technology. Through both its own training and educational development activities, it aims to make learning enjoyable and effective for learners. In addition to the effective integration of technology into the learning process, it is important for the company to review pedagogical methods, move towards learner-centered methods, share knowledge, and emphasize the developmental role of educators. In order to improve the educational activity, two 30-credit trainings accredited in the in-service teacher training system have been developed, both of which can be done online:

  • Innovative Teacher: a creative classroom training that presents, among other things, the increasingly popular flipped classroom method in a practical approach.
  • Institutional Quality Manager for employees performing quality management tasks.

Main Areas of Development and Research

  • Digital education, the application of ICT tools in teaching and learning,
  • Adaptation of DigComp 2.1 framework developed by the European Union (for teachers, citizens and educational institutions) through digital competence development trainings, in accordance with the Hungarian Digital Education Strategy,
  • Development of 21st century competencies using active learning methods, with special emphasis on the project method and the flipped learning method,
  • Quality management and quality culture in education using the EQAVET framework developed by the European Union, development of a web application supporting pedagogical planning, self-assessment and continuous feedback (http://eqos.itstudy.hu/),
  • Planning and implementation of domestic and international projects using effective online project management tools.

Updated Trainings

The choice of ITstudy’s renewed adult education courses are tailored according to the current needs of students and employers. In addition to its training programs for educators, focusing on 21st century teaching methods and tools, it also launches practice-oriented computer training that is important for everyday work, especially for office users, pre-employment students or those who want to pursue demanding computer activities. Most of the courses are online, in a novel structure that allows each participant to move at their own pace and independently choose the curriculum that suits their level of knowledge..


Since 2005, iTStudy has been involved in the design and implementation of domestic and international research and development projects aimed at disseminating 21st century, learner-centered, innovative teaching methods, exploring the potential of online learning and developing digital educational solutions, and that has recently become a priority in the Hungarian education system. In the course of its operation, the company has developed an extensive network of contacts with domestic and international public and higher education institutions, so most of the developments have been implemented in close cooperation with primary schools, vocational training institutions and universities.

National Developments

  • Development of professional and examination requirements for IT professions (1993-2006).
  • Development of the quality management system of educational institutions (from the Comenius program to the ISO 9001 standard), National Institute of Vocational and Adult Education, 2002.
  • Information technology in school, e-learning development, ICT methodological training for primary school teachers, European Social Fund, Phare program, 2005-2006.
  • "E-learning is the school of the future" distance learning platform development and teacher training program, NSZFI, 2006-2008. The in-service teacher training program was further developed in the framework of the "Tenegen - Connect the teachers to reach and teach the Net Generation" Leonardo project (https://www.tenegen.eu/), which received the "Best Practice" award from the EU Commission in 2011. Related news in Hungarian: http://tanarblog.hu/kepzesek-konferenciak/2297-e-learning--a-joev-iskolaja-e-learning-attekintes.
  • E-learning science content development for ELTE TTK. Development of 69 digital university notes in XLM DocBook format, e-learning methodology training for university lecturers. Consortium leader: Eötvös Loránd University, 2011-2013. https://ttk.elte.hu/ebook.
  • Expert work "Development of the quality and content of vocational education and adult education" in project 4. Development of a professional process control system in its subproject. Project owner: National Labour Office, 2012-2015. http://www.kepzesbenajovo.hu/
  • Expert work in the project "Preparation for the introduction of the EQAVET certification procedure in adult education", Project sponsor: NSZFH EQAVET National Reference Point , 2017-2019. https://eqavet.nive.hu/.


International Cooperation

  • iTStudy first joined the Leonardo Da Vinci (LdV) education project, supported by the European Union, as a partner, at the invitation of the German Dekra Akademie in 2005.
  • A Net Generáció kihívása - Tanárok a hálónIn 2008, we applied for an own project proposal and won LdV support as a coordinator for a project that later received "Best Practice" recognition from the EU Commission and the product of which, The Challenge of the Net Generation - Teachers on the Web, is still relevant today.
  • In 2018, the publication  which was the product of one of the international projects implemented in the Erasmus + program with the participation of iTStudy was published entitled "Flipped Classroom in Practice - Methodological Renewal in Vocational Education". The handbook also presents the experiences of twenty teachers working in VET, with “flipped” lesson plans, student feedback, and pedagogical assessment by teachers' self-reflections.
  • The OpenQAsS Erasmus + project between 2014 and 2018 for teachers and heads of institutions working in vocational education and training, to help building an institutional quality management system in line with the EQAVET system and was aimed at developing a school quality culture won the Best Quality Award of the Tempus Public Foundation.

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