The NET Generation Challenge: Teachers On The Web - Downloadable Book

We recommend this book to teachers who want to gather ammunition for tomorrow’s pedagogy, who know that the careers of young people born in the digital age can only be successful with having new media literacy.

In this book we summerize conclusions of ourTeNeGEN project supported by the European Union which received “Best Practice” recognition from the European Commission in 2010.

The basic idea of the project was that instead of trying to teach educators e-learning methodologies using traditional teaching methods, they should be involved in network knowledge sharing in order to experience for themselves what makes today’s young people being "on ”.

The partners in the Tenegen project undertook to translate the latest learning and teaching theoretical results of the information society into pedagogical practice, in the strong belief that instead of trying to teach e-learning methodology through traditional teaching methods, educators should be involved in networking and knowledge sharing to “reach” and teach the net generation.

Download the book in PDF!

A NET Generáció kihívása – tanárok a hálón c. könyv borítója