READ-IN-CLUB—READ-INg for CuLtUres across Borders

The basic idea of the project was formulated during the COVID-19 pandemic, which made the work of literary book clubs and reading circles impossible for some months. To prevent similar situations, READ-IN-CLUB aims to create a multilingual, interactive website and community platform that raises contact with the readership, broadens their horizons and network, and provides an ongoing opportunity for members to join and participate, express their opinions and suggestions.  The leaders and moderators of the reading clubs and reading circles will be introduced to the different approaches resulting from the online application in the framework of a short online training course.

READ-IN-CLUB was launched in June 2021 as a 20-month long project funded by the EU's Erasmus + program. Greek, Italian, Cypriot, Croatian, Slovenian and Hungarian publishing, educational and cultural organizations are participating in the project.

Project ID: KA227-923BC22C