OpenQAsS – An Open Source Quality Assurance Toolkit for European VET Institutions

While implementing our OpenQAsS project, we developed a solution to help VET institutions carry out their quality assurance tasks, in line with the current European Quality Assurance Framework for Vocational Education and Training (EQAVET).

Improving the quality of learning and education in schools is one of the most important educational topics today. Numerous researches and studies have addressed the question of how to transform the theoretical conclusions of quality management research into school practice and how to learn from good examples.

The project partners have developed a general and expandable solution that utilizes modern network technologies: providing complex, open quality methods and tools for VET participamts, community building and practice-based training. The book about the solution is available free of charge in four European languages, including Hungarian.

The strategic partnership proved to be well-founded and appropriate. There were eight members from five different countries - Hungary, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Spain - taking part in the project.

The project was awarded for Best Quality byTempus Public Foundation in 2018!

A nívódíjas OpenQAsS projekt rollupja