Flipped Classroom

Rapid technological developments drastically changed our lives – we live and work differently – and at the same time the learning attitudes of students as well.


It is not only technological changes and students of the net generation that require a change in teaching methods, but we are also experiencing a significant shift in the skills required by the labour market.  There is special focus now on problem solving, critical thinking, creativity – and traditional methods (like direct instruction) alone are not suitable to develop such 21st century skills.


Besides taking advantage of the opportunities offered by new technology, there is a need to re-new teaching methods and re-define the role of the teacher as well – instead of being the only source of knowledge, she/he should support and guide the learning process.


One obvious tool for this new approach is the Flipped Classroom method that has been spreading fast during the past couple of years. This method was the at the core of the Flip-IT! project starting in 2015 with support from the Erasmus+ programme, aiming at integrating the new approach into the daily teaching practice of vocational schools in 5 countries (UK, Ireland, Spain, Czech Republic and Hungary).


The learning material developed within the project and the online course built on it was highly successful among participating teachers as well as students involved.  


Some examples of teachers' work:


Teacher: Barna Terézia


School: SSZC Kanizsai Dorottya Egészségügyi Szakgimnáziuma, Szakközépiskolája és Szakiskolája

Subject: English, grade 10

Topic: Sights of London - West End

Tools: H5P, Animoto




Video, digital learning material:  


Teacher: Kaufmann Péter


School: BMSZC Neumann János Számítástechnika Szakgimnáziuma

Subject: English, grade 9

Topic: Noun formation

Tool: Powtoon




Video, digital learning material:  




Teacher: Darázsné Köles Katalin


School: Győri Szolgáltatási SZC Krúdy Gyula Középiskolája

Subject: English, grade 11

Topic: How to write our CV and motivation letter in English? 

Tools: PPT with audio, Biteable, Piktochart, LearningApps, LinoIt




Video, digital learning material:  



Teacher: Kovács Anikó


School: Péter András Gimnázium és Kollégium

Subject: English, grade 9

Topic: Conditionals

Tools: Biteable, Quizziz app,

Edpuzzle, Classcraft




Video, digital learning material: