Online Seminar for Reading Club Leaders

An online seminar for Hungarian reading club leaders took place in the framework of the Read-In-Club project on 4 February 2022. Although 9 people indicated their intention to participate, six people attended the seminar. The programme included the following topics:

- Presentation of the Read-In-Club project and the partnership

- Introduction to the participating reading clubs

- Presentation and practice of the applications that support the work of the Reading Clubs: Zoom, Google Forms, Mentimeter, Canva, Doodle.

Participants became tired at the end of the 3-hour seminar, but enthusiastic and gave feedback on the usefulness of the online applications they had learned about for communication, content creation, consultation and opinion polling:

"It was useful for me to learn about zoom, canva. It was all a nicely structured material. The application of IT is far from me, e.g. creating a questionnaire still seems a difficult task."

My knowledge has been expanded with a lot of useful information, which I can utilize mainly in my own reading circle. I have been given online techniques that I have not known so far and have piqued my interest, I will try to learn and apply those in the future.