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Erről az oldalról ingyenesen letöltheti az iTStudy által vagy közreműködésével írt könyveket és egyéb publikációinkat, segédanyagokat.

This two-volume e-book is free to download and introduces a new, responsive methodology that enables leaders and teachers working in VET to respond quickly to skill gaps identified by the labour market which has never been seen changing such fast before.
In this book, we present the concept system of projects, the peculiarities of different types of projects, the methods and tools that can be applied in certain phases of the project life cycle in a practice-oriented approach.
We recommend this book to teachers who want to gather ammunition for tomorrow’s pedagogy, who know that the careers of young people born in the digital age can only be successful with having new media literacy.
The handbook is recommended for heads of institutions and educators who want to operate a quality management system that does not increase paperwork and administration, but is a real help in the development of the institution.
This free, downloadable book not only introduces the Flipped Classroom method, but it also assists its practical introduction and implementation, and even contains teachers' experiences who have already tried it.