How can a teacher working in a vocational school also be a successful project manager? It will be revealed in the next phase of Reacti-VET project, as what has been learned by the teachers during their training course will be put into practice in the autumn.
This summer’s biggest issue for educators and families is that will learning return to the classrooms in September or should they prepare for distance learning.
2020-07-08 and Lidl has announced a joint competition for teachers: they are looking for the "Superteacher" of the year. Owing to the fact that in the second half of this school year schools were closed up because of the coronavirus epidemic, the title of “Online Superteacher of the Year” will be awarded this year.
Although summer break has already been fully on, the public is still dealing with the experiences and conclusions that can be drawn from the online school education that was introduced without any preparation in March. Between April 14 and May 7, 2020, the organization Parental Association for the Future of Our Children conducted an online survey on the experience of parents in digital education the interesting conclusions of which we consider important to show.
Az szakképzés megújításának egyik kulcseleme az egységes, folyamat-orientált minőségirányítási rendszer bevezetése a szakképzésben, amely illeszkedik az Európai Unió által 2009-ben kidolgozott Európai Szakképzési Minőségbiztosítási Referencia Keretrendszer (EQAVET) ajánlásaihoz. Az intézményi rendszer kidolgozásához ad gyakorlati segítséget az Európai Szakképzésfejlesztési Központ (CEDEFOP) által kiadott MIR kézikönyv, amelynek interaktív változata magyar, spanyol és olasz nyelven mindenki számára ingyenesen elérhető az OpenQAsS Erasmus+ projekt weboldalán:
Training of teachers working in VET in Hungary within the framework of our Reacti-VET - 2018-1-HU01-KA202-047816 Erasmus + project has been completed recently with the participation of a total of 21 teachers who have been certified.
In March, schools switched from the well-known but outdated frontal classroom education to online knowledge transfer. The move under the pressure of necessity has raised a number of problems and shortcomings in the use of applicable tools and collaboration platforms, as it turned out that without the active involvement of parents, distance learning would be rather difficult to implement.
Whether working in the school building, surrounded by students, or online, teachers will always remain teachers and will do their bests to pass on their knowledge to the young generations.

One of the most important measures against Corona virus was the transition of schools to online education. The extremely fast implementation hit not only the families but also the educators themselves in many cases, so at the end of March we created an information platform for them on our own website offering  some effective tools they can use to implement digital education.


We have reached the end of the first phase of our international project Be@cyber Pro: the online training of Hungarian teachers in cybersecurity been successfully completed. The learning material consisting of four modules, practice tests, and module closing assignments, included the following topics: Protecting Digital Devices and Content; Protection of Personal Data and Privacy; Protection of Health, Well-being and the Environment; Career descriptions,cybersecurity career profiles.


Between 24-28th of February a group of 6 Hungarian businesswomen travelled to Matera, Southern Italy, to attend an International Training Programme within  W.E.S.T. - International Entrepreneurs Supporting Tribune Erasmus + KA-2 project 2017-1-TR01-KA204-046321.


On the eve of the 2018 annual Erasmus+ celebration in Hungary with the participation of several hundreds of teachers, headmasters and other educational stakeholders, organised by Tempus Public Foundation, the Hungarian National Agency of the programme, OpenQAsS project by ITStudy Hungary was selected among the best 8 projects awarded.