Environmentally Conscious Construction

The aim of the project is to create an interactive, multimedia module of training content that develops professional knowledge and skills related to green architecture in line with current labor market needs.

The objectives of the project are in line with the New European Skills Development Program issued on 10.06.2016, in particular the section on skills for a greener economy. The EU's goal of efficient use of natural resources is the spread of new raw materials, technologies, regulations and standards in the construction industry, which in turn requires workers in this sector to acquire new skills and competencies. 

There is currently a shortage of green skills in the construction professions, and unfortunately traditional educational institutions are unable to make up for this shortage.

The task of the international project team was to study and analyze the currently available trainings on energy-saving architecture in the partner countries. The partnership  then developed and tested training modules, taking into account the needs identified in the European construction industry, and then accredited the training at local and European level, thus providing the opportunity for further professional training in green architecture.

project partners

The goal was to create innovative, web-based training that becomes available after registration, both online and offline. Participants will receive a certificate of successful completion of each module.

Green Construction — Professional skills development in the field of green architecture within the framework of online training

Erasmus+ KA-2: 2017-1- LV01-KA202- 035483

Project lifespan: September 2017 – August 2019 

Coordinator: Rezeknes Tehnologiju Akademija (Latvia)


  • iTStudy Hungary Education and Research Center (Hungary)
  • Veda Consult (Bulgaria)
  • European Center for Education, Science and Innovation (Bulgaria)
  • Schnellkraft Personalmanagement GmbH (Germany)