Teachers' Creativity is in Focus

Those educators who are popular with their students due to their unique methods, have been able to successfully exit textbooks, and have been able to adapt to the digital education system, and whose teaching work is characterized by creativity, have a chance to win the title.

Applicants will be judged by a professional jury, which will include a student as well:

  • Anna Niedermüller  Educational Expert, Founder of Future School, Organizer of AKG school, Founder and Author of  Szülő 2.0 blog
  • Julianna Halvax, Teacher at Hunyadi János Lutheran Kindergarten and Primary School in Sopron, one of the title-winners in 2019
  • and Emma, who is a 15 years old student of a gymnasium in Budapest. She will represent students' opinion in the jury.

The winners of the competition will be given valuable digital tools to support their teaching. The application deadline is 20th July, and the results will be announced during the summer break. Details of the application can be found here:

iTStudy is also working to raise the level of teaching to the highest possible level: one of our ongoing international projects, FliCreate (Flipped Creative Awareness Teaching - 2019 - 1- IT02- KA201 - 063149, Erasmus +) is also aimed at developing teacher's creativity and digital competences, in order to make the quality of education as close as possible to meet the expectations of today's world and of the students.