Cybersecurity Upskilling Course for Teachers has been Completed

We have reached the end of the first phase of our international project Be@cyber Pro: the online training of Hungarian teachers in cybersecurity been successfully completed. The learning material consisting of four modules, practice tests, and module closing assignments, included the following topics: Protecting Digital Devices and Content; Protection of Personal Data and Privacy; Protection of Health, Well-being and the Environment; Career descriptions,cybersecurity career profiles.

All topics have become especially important during this period, when school education had to go online due to the situation owing to the pandemic, for which teachers could not have been prepared in advance. However, the teacher training course was developed as part of the project it highlighted important safety issues and solutions that they could use in their daily work for their own benefit and that of their students. The teachers taking part in the course - a total of 54 people - considered the possibility of self-assessment good, and the tasks to be submitted were also prepared in a very professional way, with the specific intention of implementing and applying them. At the end of the training, one of them expressed this opinion: “I have learned a lot in the last few weeks and I feel sorry that the course is coming to an end. I will be able to use what I have learned here in countless ways in my daily practice. ”

The project is progressing with the creation of a cybersecurity video game for students, which is currently being developed.