Trainings for teachers

We offer two accredited training programs for teachers, delivered in blended form: Innovative teacher, creative classroom, and Institutional Quality Manager.


Innovative teacher, creative classroom


Our society today needs young people who are flexible, creative, and proactive – young people who can solve problems, make decisions, think critically, communicate ideas effectively and work efficiently within teams and groups. 21st century skills (such as creativity, communication, critical thinking, persistence, initiative, leadership skills, etc.) can undoubtedly be better developed through practical, group-based tasks.

Simply ‘knowing knowledge’ is no longer enough to succeed in the increasingly complex, fluid, and rapidly evolving world in which we live. In order to optimise life-long learning and potential success it is now widely accepted that young people need to be given opportunities to develop personal capabilities and effective thinking skills as part of their well-rounded education.  This implies the need for a more student-centered teaching and learning approach.


ICT in school


One of the real challenges are to keep students motivated and engaged in their learning. We must find innovative ways to integrate technology effectively in order to challenge students with problem-solving tasks. The student should learn from building, creating, and collaborating with peers - in other words the student needs to be ‘doing’ rather than sitting and listening.

Active learning applies to activities done by students, who also should always reflect on what they are doing. Of course, the transfer of knowledge remains important, but the development of abilities and skills gains a greater significance. Active learning is learner-centered, shifting the emphasis from the teacher and the transfer of the learning materials to the active work of the students with the learning material.

In this course we present a selection of methods in a practice-oriented approach that support to become an innovative teacher in a creative classroom!


Institutional Quality Manager




The IQAM course is recommended to headmasters, teachers and managers of educational institutes who are working in both the formulation of a quality culture, and in the coordination of quality improvement activities. It is aimed at transferring knowledge and upgrading practical skills for planning, establishing and operating institutional quality assurance system, and for the coordinating of the work of the QA team of the institute. The course combines practical experience of the European Union's initiatives in the field of improvement of education quality, and it illustrates ICT-based practical quality management methods as well.